Monday, September 22, 2008

Refreshing Cucumber & Tomato Sandwich

I was in the mood for something light, but I didn't feel like making a salad. As I was looking through the refrigerator, and seeing way too many choices, (a lot of which are heavy or not good for losing weight) I close it again and sigh. So I then open the pantry, spy the Dill Dip Blend™ from Wildtree and think......hmmm, what can I do? Then it hits me, sandwiches!

Cucumber Tomato Sandwiches

1 cucumber
1-2 tomatoes (depending on what kind you use)
4 oz cream cheese
1 t Dill Dip Blend
Bread (I like 9 grain with the crust cut off)

Cut up the cucumber (peel first if you want) and place on a paper towel, salt and pepper to taste. put aside. Put the cream cheese in a bowl and soften in microwave for 20-25 seconds (or you can let sit out until softened before hand). Add Dill Dip Blend to cream cheese and mix well. Spread cream cheese mixture on the bread, slice the tomatoes and add those along with the cucumbers to the bread. Cut into quarters and serve. Depending on the size of bread you use, this will make 6-8 sandwiches :-)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where can you find these fabulous products....

It's easy!

You can go to my website and order straight from it, or you can email me at If you'd like more information or have any questions, I'm happy to help :-)

Asian Dressing

I made a recipe with the Asian Ginger Plum Dressing. All I can say is that my friend ate THREE bowls of the salad! He couldn't stop raving about how good it was, and even though he was full he kept

Kristie's Spinach Salad

1.5 lbs of fresh spinach (I used 1/2 of a 3 lb bag)

3 large apples (I prefer pink lady or Gala, but you can use any)

1 pckg bacon (I use turkey bacon, you can't tell the difference and it's better for you)

1/4 cup Asian dressing

Start cooking the bacon (I cook mine on the George Foreman grill) while the bacon is cooking, wash and drain the spinach. Put in a large bowl and set aside. Peel the apples and chop them up into little pieces (bigger or smaller depending on your preference). Add the apples to the bowl of spinach. After cooking the package of bacon, allow to cool, then crumble up and add to the bowl. Add in the 1/4 cup of Asian dressing and mix until all ingredients are mixed and coated.

You can eat and enjoy right away, or put in the refrigerator and allow the flavors to blend for an hour or so. Serves 6-8 people.

Grapeseed Oil....The Facts.

Health Benefits of GSO's

♥ There are NO preservatives such as TBHQ or BHT.
♥ It is NOT hydrogenated.
♥ There is NO sodium.
♥ NO trans fatty acids.
♥ NO cholesterol (it actually aids in cholesterol reduction).
♥ It has one of the lowest levels of saturated fats of all oils (see chart below).
♥ It is easily digestible and
♥ a good source of Vitamin E Alpha (an important anti-oxidant)(4.3 mg per serving).
♥ Highest concentration of poly (76%) unsaturated acid of any oil.
♥ Helps the body produce High Density Lipoprotein (HDL).
♥ High in Linoleic acid - and its health benefits:
- is a fatty acid which acts as a transporter for saturated fats - helps prevent accumulation in the arteries.
- also known as Omega-6 and in near identical proportions to mother's milk.
- vital to life and cannot be produced by the body alone.

Click on the fact sheet, and I want you to notice the little box at the bottom. This box points out the differences amongst the major cooking oils. Most people I know tend to cook with Olive Oil. Notice there is almost twice as much saturated fat in the olive oil than the grapeseed oil. Think of the collective saturated fat you would NOT be taking in over the course of a day, month or year with the right oil. Grapeseed oil is also very high in poly-unsaturated fat which is a good thing. This helps lower your bad cholesterol and raise the good one.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So, you may be asking, "WHAT is Wildtree"?

As a stay at home mom to four kids, I was looking for something that I could do from home, yet STILL make money. I was introduced to the fantastic flavors of WildTree and was immediately hooked.

What sets us apart? We offer solutions for people to feed their families natural meals quickly and easily. Our products have NO preservatives, NO additives, NO msg, NO food dyes, or ANY fillers. Unique to us is we manufacture all our own products. Where can you find a natural scampi blend, a natural banana bread, a natural basil pesto?…Of course, this is naming just a few of our all natural products.

I do want mention my favorite part of the product line - the grapeseed oils!! Now, the health benefits are great, but what I love are the infusions. Personally I hated to cook, because it was time-consuming and my food never tasted that great. Well all that has changed since I started infusing the Wildtree oils into my cooking. I sautee my veggies in the butter GSO, and my kids devour them. I use the garlic, or basil-pesto on my chicken or shrimp, and they are juicy and flavorful. I pan sear porkchops with the hickory smoked GSO. These oils are how I flavor my food, and if I really want to shake things up I add in "The Blends" and my cooking tastes even better!! You can take any piece of chicken, beef, pork, fish.... whatever will taste GREAT when brushed with one of our oil infusions and sprinkled with a culinary blend. Lemon Rosemary salmon, Cajun hickory porkchops, Basil Pesto chicken… these are all things that can be made super quick and my family LOVES them.